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Small Scale

Local Produce

Naturally Grown

Providing nutritious vegetables (and some fruit) directly to customers in Menomonie and south Minneapolis

Striving to be conscientious neighbors and responsible food producers

Developing no-till growing techniques that build topsoil and improve soil quality

news and ordering info:

(updated December 10)

Thank you to each and every market, pick-up, and delivery customer, for a successful year connecting over healthy, locally grown food! Our farmers market season wrapped up on October 31.

Please check out our December 10 blog post, a celebration of the season (and the last 3 seasons) with some major farm updates.

There’s big news at the farm, where a change in ownership and operation will take place this winter! Please stay in touch by following us on Instagram as we introduce the new farmers and let everybody know how to connect with them!

Please be well and stay safe this winter

statement from the growers

We believe every person deserves dignity and respect.

We strive to make decisions based on compassion for and love of our fellow humans.

Black lives matter to us.

We support (ideologically and financially) justice for victims of police brutality and the implementation of community based policing strategies.

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund

Black Lives Matter

National Police Accountability Project