kicking off the season! (and a brief rant)

While there are updates from the farm that we are very excited about, I must start with some reaction to the news from the last couple of days about drastic changes to SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance for low-income folks). If you haven’t heard about this, please take a moment to read a short article like this one, as it’s important. This is yet another instance where we feel quite powerless and frustrated: an entire half of one’s SNAP benefits will be in the form of food they are instructed to prepare/eat, as if SNAP recipients are inherently flawed, irresponsible, or uncomprehending individuals. Not to mention that it is not in the interest of the environment or that of many individuals’ health to be consuming “staple” items such as shelf-stable milk, canned fruit, and pasta. How can we be considering pasta a staple that everybody is expected to consume? I am also tired of hearing news like this tied only to Donald Trump. Independent of this horrid human being, I perceive a pervasive lack of empathy that leads many politicians to feel it is appropriate to shape how people purchase, prepare, and consume their food, based on the politicians’ own values and experience. Societies and governments exist, in large part, to offer real support to any member of society who lacks a given resource, especially when that society/government perpetuates the problem it claims to be committed to solving.

I can see where this will head if continued, so I’ll rein it in and appreciate Valentine’s Day for the unbelievable warmth it brought to western Wisconsin! While frustrated with news such as that discussed above, on the farm we are so very energized by the good work that’s to be done.

 glorious pile of potting mix bags
glorious pile of potting mix bags

The outside temperature exceeded 40 degrees fairly early in the day; we received a shipment of potting mix and compost; and during this massive thaw, we were able to wash vehicles, clean out and prepare our seed germination fridge, and begin work on converting a barn to the produce wash/pack/storage shed.

 slightly more organized barn
slightly more organized barn

We were infused with positive feeling by the amount of warmth and sunlight throughout the day, and we capped it off by setting up the seed germination chamber in the basement of our house and sowing the first seeds (onions) of the 2018 season!

 seeding open-pollinated, organic onion seed 'Dakota Tears'
seeding open-pollinated, organic onion seed ‘Dakota Tears’

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