It’s May!

I like May. My birthday is in a few days, the weather outside is WARM, and trees will transition from pretty bare to quite full of leaves and blossoms. It’s fitting that my eyes started itching today. It’s also fitting that nettle can be harvested, so fresh anti-allergy tea is close at hand. Does anyone not dream of having land with wild nettles on it, for tea and spring cooking? No one does? Well, I do, but now it’s reality.

The weekly photo, from a slightly different perspective, shows evidence of some progress! The flimsy electric fence rods I used to say “Don’t drive here! Garlic! Hope of loose soil!” are gone, replaced with wood fence posts and soon a gate, as well as T posts that will allow us to get the electric fence up by today or tomorrow. Several beds in this year’s small plot are tarped for slow weed suppression, and we are progressing through our hand scale bed preparation, with potatoes, onions, kale, and cabbage due for planting any moment. Seeing how packed down the soil can be along tire tracks, I am glad there will be no heavy equipment in our growing area and am excited to observe the soil quality as we work.

Given the extended winter-like conditions this spring, we have tried to plant as much as possible in the greenhouse, including the radishes in the photo above, which do not in fact have yellow leaves as it appears there. Along with these are early beets, carrots, salad mix, 2 types of arugula, and 2 types of spinach as well. These plantings are looking good, and managing them is easier with the farm well back in action. I discovered a big leak at the bottom of the frost free valve I was digging up, where the pipe was almost completely broken. It is now replaced with a plastic line that will head directly to the vegetable field and should be really easy to operate!

That’s all from here. Happy May Day, and thanks for reading.


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