no. 39

Writing this week on the second-to-last day of October, the sights, smells, and sounds around the farm are signaling November (which happens to be my favorite month). Migratory birds have visited and sung from trees and shrubs; the field across the road is a bare spectrum of browns and yellows, the corn and soybeans having been harvested recently; and our garden is mostly cover crop and leaf and straw mulch, with some dry perennials and a few hardy veggies including parsnip, chicories, kale, and collards. Additionally, market season is over for us! We both attended the final market of the season, during which we almost sold out of cabbages, squash, and other good roasting/root crops and were visited by regular customers wishing a pleasant winter and checking in about next season.

With weekly market on hold until May when the new season begins, the farm focus is fully on getting ready for winter, which mostly means some building and repair projects. Much on my mind, with memories of trudging through snow with a broom and a headlamp at 2:30 in the morning, has been our greenhouse, which is really an unsuitable structure to be relying on, made mostly of 1” PVC and in a location where lots of precipitation accumulates on it. Two days ago we finally gave up struggling with the structure I initially designed and took it apart, and will begin putting up a new wood structure today.

This is an important upgrade, as we plan to grow earlier in the season in 2019 vs 2018, and more early-season transplanted crops, such as onions, will need space to grow. Additionally, we will be selling seedlings along with our produce during the month of May; all of this requires a warm greenhouse space we can rely on.

We have also been ENJOYING this time. The transition to fall seems perfect for a little more contemplation compared to busy summer, and time to watch blue jays, marvel at the green of cover crop, or appreciate the changing sights and the ability to see our neighbors’ houses again. A couple of weeks ago we spent a glorious/somewhat brisk and misty day with friends nearby pressing apples for cider and eating delicious pot luck food.

We also had the pleasure of amazing wood fired pizza and a lovely evening at our friends’ harvest party, celebrating their relatively new farm and community. AND I am of course baking all the pumpkin/chocolate/pecan/raspberry/cinnamon things about 12 hours out of each week, having an excellent time attempting to make the perfect scone(s).

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