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post 55 – transition!

Happy December all! That is my hope, at least, though this has been and continues to be a tough year for so many people and for multiple reasons. We feel fortunate to be here still, writing blog posts and chopping carrots and parsnips by the fire.

I might as well go ahead and announce that there’s big news at Hexagon this fall and winter, and it doesn’t even involve the Great Conjunction! As some of you know, Hexagon Projects & Farm just finished its final season, and Nick and I (and Rose) are transitioning to a new home over the next month or so. Why?!

It’s complicated, but it is related in large part to that word, home. We have been so fortunate to settle in our wonderful house and 9 acres in the valley, and we value hugely our neighbors and friends nearby in Wisconsin. And despite this and having just completed a fulfilling and successful farm season, we acknowledge that home for us is still the hilly and forested landscape about the area of Western Massachusetts and New York’s Hudson Valley, including very special cities and towns where we lived and worked prior to starting Hexagon.

What will come of the farm?

We’ve also been incredibly fortunate to connect with a couple currently growing nearby, on a small scale, and we are working on a farm purchase and transition right now. We are extremely excited for them and are especially happy that they will be offering sustainably grown vegetables next year at our same great farmers markets, from the very same soil. We look forward to sharing their farm website and more information about them once the buying process advances a bit more.

Where are we headed?

Where do I, particularly, tend to end up after a big transition? POUGHKEEPSIE, of course! I very happily announce that, after deciding to return to the MA/NY area, I reconnected with Poughkeepsie Farm Project, where I will be serving as Farm Production Director, starting now. I have benefited from an expansive farming education at PFP in the past and I look forward to contributing in this new role while still making some mistakes and surely learning a tremendous amount more. Adding the challenges of operating and serving the community during the pandemic and the goal of enhancing PFP’s community impact, I expect to be working tirelessly and consistently engaging my creativity.

Nick and I will be living in the city of Poughkeepsie, a little over 2 miles from the farm and close enough to the Hudson River to walk to its banks. We have both contemplated other business ideas in the past, and Nick will be developing recipes and beginning a small cafe or bakery business, with baked goods and other items made from local/regional ingredients and inspired by seasonally available local vegetables and fruits. Our desire to build a business we love as much as Hexagon remains strong, ideally one that is welcoming and warm and that combines our passions for cooking, growing, learning, and social engagement.

I am finding far too much to write in this farewell post. What feels essential is formally thanking all of the people who love us and have helped us along.

Please accept our love and gratitude if you are: our amazing neighbors; our fellow farmers/friends in western WI; our kind and engaged customers who made market day our favorite day of the week; friends and relatives who have ornamented our house with the coolest stuff; everyone who joined or offered wishes for our surprise marriage party; friends who helped build our high tunnel; Scatterbrain folks, who offered an ideal part time job; our visiting and sometimes remote Troy-Bilt expert; the special friend who married us (and their family); and our parents, who are endlessly generous and who we will NEVER be able to adequately thank.

Love, Peace,




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