post 54 – produce for fall & winter

Now that we are practically halfway through October and the tomatoes and peppers have all been turned into sauce and salsa, it’s about time to figure out what else we’ll be eating in November and onward! Fall weather brings with it a serious bounty, including crops that have been growing for many months (squash, parsnips,Continue reading “post 54 – produce for fall & winter”

post no. 53 – all the summer squash

Think all summer squash and zucchini is the same? Think again! In 2020 we are growing the 3 types of summer squash/zucchini shown above. Success PM Straightneck plants produce abundantly, and the squash a fairly uniform, attractive, pale yellow. Genovese Zucchini is a fine Italian zucchini with a delicate, smooth, pale green skin. Costata RomanescoContinue reading “post no. 53 – all the summer squash”

post no. 52 – garlic scape season

Garlic scape season is SHORT, so I recommend everyone get some soon, and stock up! They’ll store in your fridge up to a month in a plastic bag. Since it’s harvest day and we are quite busy, this will be quick and to the point. Two points to be exact: What’s a garlic scape? (maybeContinue reading “post no. 52 – garlic scape season”

post no. 50 – farm updates for May 2020

This first month of our 2020 market season, while not over quite yet, has been exciting and busy. But before getting to market news and thanking folks who’ve supported our business especially during the pandemic, here’s some of what is going on at the farm. farm visitors We’ve welcomed a few people to the farm,Continue reading “post no. 50 – farm updates for May 2020”

post no. 49 – plant sale!

In what feels like a handful of days, this spring season went from cold and slow to appreciably warmer, and full of the great work that we expect! The high tunnel is protecting early beets, carrots, salad greens, kale, and more. We’ve planted potatoes and snap peas, and are preparing more garden beds daily, withContinue reading “post no. 49 – plant sale!”

post no. 48 -preparation!

The hustle and excitement of spring is here, but I doubt anyone questions why this spring feels different, even on the farm where our work is relatively solitary. My thoughts are often with friends and family elsewhere, almost all of whom reside in more densely populated places than I. I can’t help imagining how I’dContinue reading “post no. 48 -preparation!”

post no. 46: after a long break

Following the longest blog break yet, we are still here, still growing and harvesting, still weeding (yes, really), and still thinking about some exciting projects coming very soon. The lack of updates via the blog is due, quite simply, to the fact that we’ve been extremely busy, with off-farm work combined with a laborious on-farmContinue reading “post no. 46: after a long break”

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