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Photo Gallery

shallot seed crop
Fall produce during our first market season, 2018
Nick with rainbow Swiss chard
Midtown Farmers Market spread, 2018
‘Blush’ saladette tomatoes ripening, July 2020
Fall produce at Midtown Farmers Market, 2019
seedlings for sale: basil, thyme, cilantro, and lemon balm
harvested and washed red and gold beets
14’x32′ greenhouse
perennial pollinator bed
tarping for new beds, potatoes, caterpillar tunnel in distance
fallow field above the garden area
winter squash planting
Showing up for market canceled due to weather
buckwheat cover crop in the high tunnel
Attaching the endwall plastic to the high tunnel
Pat with freshly harvested purple daikon radishes
Pat with scythe after clearing the upper field
tomato harvest, 2019
Nick with winter squash curing in the greenhouse, September 2019
carrot beds
flower bed along 390th Street
Looking north on 390th Street
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